Cats Afloat

“What are you going to do about your cats?” I heard this question over and over while we were preparing to move onto Goblin. My answer has always been the same. Our plan is to move them aboard and see … Continue reading

New Considerations

You know that moment when you realize that you desperately need to make a trip to the grocery store? The refridgerator has katsup, olives, and half an inch of milk, the cereal box has two crushed tablespoons of stale flakes … Continue reading

Stashing our Stuff

Four people, two cats, 42 feet of boat, maybe 350 square feet of living space. Before moving aboard we comfortably filled a four bedroom house. We dumped, donated, and gave away possessions, we put some treasured favorites in storage, and … Continue reading

Settling In

Our move is complete, at long long last. Nothing like a series of last minute complications to add unnecessary stress to an already anxiety producing time. By Wednesday afternoon we were fully and completely out of the Shirley house. This … Continue reading