A Day in the Life

There’s no such thing as a typical day in our life. Schedules vary according to season, homeschool routines, Alex’s work schedule, and our own ever changing whims. This is a fair representation of how we roll. 3:50 I wake up … Continue reading

Summer Aboard

Here on Goblin, we’re enjoying a quiet, low key summer. We romped around New York City during a heat wave. Three days of sightseeing, balanced with lots of down time. As much as these two love to go out and … Continue reading

In Praise of Tiny Toys

Kinsley has always adored playing with small parts. Sorting screws, bolts, and other hardware, picking up pebbles when we go for a walk, pouring dried beans, the smaller the pieces the better. Both my kids love Legos and they play … Continue reading

Slow Spring

There are years when spring bursts upon us all at once. We move quickly from winter coats, long underwear, beef stew and electric blankets, right into shorts, popsicles, pools and gardens with barely time to catch our breath. This is … Continue reading

Game Time

Books and games, games and books. If we brought all the ones we love, Goblin would be riding a few inches lower in the water. Owen, our resident game kid, had the tough job of deciding which games to bring … Continue reading


My kids don’t close doors. We visited my parents mid winter and I found myself closing the door to their garage over and over. We visited friends, again the main door was wide open behind them. That was when it … Continue reading


We’re finally prepped for the winter under our bubble. This year, reaching fully wrapped has been a process. We were framed for weeks before we were wrapped. We were wrapped for a month before the shrinkwrap was fully shrunk. We … Continue reading