Game Time

Books and games, games and books. If we brought all the ones we love, Goblin would be riding a few inches lower in the water. Owen, our resident game kid, had the tough job of deciding which games to bring … Continue reading


My kids don’t close doors. We visited my parents mid winter and I found myself closing the door to their garage over and over. We visited friends, again the main door was wide open behind them. That was when it … Continue reading


We’re finally prepped for the winter under our bubble. This year, reaching fully wrapped has been a process. We were framed for weeks before we were wrapped. We were wrapped for a month before the shrinkwrap was fully shrunk. We … Continue reading

Changing Seasons

There’s no doubt that fall has arrived, all the signs are here. The air is cooler, leaves are changing color, and the kids have picked apples and pumpkins. Shorts are packed and sweatshirts are daily wear. Halloween costumes are under … Continue reading

School Work

Ahh school. We didn’t pick an official starting day for this school year but then, we didn’t formally end last year either. Learning occurs all the time, more authentically when we are less formal about it. Owen has focused his … Continue reading

These Two

I looked through my pictures the other day and noticed something lovely, these two kids. One of my very favorite evolutions since moving onto Goblin has been the relationship between Owen and Kinsley. Had we continued along as we had … Continue reading