• Bubbled

    We’re finally prepped for the winter under our bubble.

  • Sometimes It’s Hard

    There are three slides at our closest playground. On our very first trip, Kinsley, at two and a half, learned to climb up the twisty slide, following her brother. Last winter, boots and all, she mastered the tunnel slide that Owen now climbs on the outside of. And then there’s the metal slide.

  • Changing Seasons

    There’s no doubt that fall has arrived, all the signs are here. The air is cooler, leaves are changing color, and the kids have picked apples and pumpkins. Shorts are packed and sweatshirts are daily wear. Halloween costumes are under construction.

  • School Work

    Ahh school. We didn’t pick an official starting day for this school year but then, we didn’t formally end last year either. Learning occurs all the time, more authentically when we are less formal about it.

  • These Two

    I looked through my pictures the other day and noticed something lovely, these two kids.

  • Local Wanderings, Maine, Squirrel Island

    This was Alex and my fourth trip to the Squirrel Island, Owen’s third, and Kinsely’s first. Our first, adults only trip, was for the whole day. We ranged along the whole island, following the paths and boardwalks, filling the pockets of my cargo pants to overflowing with sea glass. It only took one trip for both of us to fall in love with this small, private island.

  • Shakedown, What Went Right

    A big part of this trip was to find out what worked well for our family. We’ve been collecting advice for years, sorting through it for thoughts that matched our kids and situation, and building a list of ideas to try. Two weeks away from the dock, we now have a better sense of how we like to travel and of what works well for our family.

  • Shakedown, Where We Went

    Finally, finally, Goblin left the dock for more than a day’s adventure.

  • One Year Aboard

    One year ago we packed up the cats, said goodbye to our house, and moved aboard Goblin full time. A year on the water. A year with no yard but with a whole city to explore. A year of small, close living. A year of learning.

  • Off the Dock

    Last year it took us until the fifth of July to sail. I guess that means June 17th is a big improvement. It took my almost a month to write about it though, I’m not sure what that says about me.

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