• Off the Dock

    Last year it took us until the fifth of July to sail. I guess that means June 17th is a big improvement. It took my almost a month to write about it though, I’m not sure what that says about me.

  • Local Wanderings, Charles River

    When the weather won’t cooperate to sail, what’s a family to do? Get out on the water anyway. This past weekend the water was mirror still and although that’s beautiful, it’s not especially conducive to sailing. Rather than fill another day with boat work we decided to head out onto the water.

  • Brightwork

    Brightwork, the varnished woodwork on a boat. All the beautiful teak was one part of what attracted Alex and I to Goblin in the first place. No teak decking which requires so much work to maintain, but just enough in the rubrails, grabrails, and companionway to make her glow in the sun. We bought her knowing that we had a lot of refinishing in the near future to keep the wood healthy. A summer on the water followed by winter under shrinkwrap put a lot of UV into the already aged finish. As the wrap came off this spring it was clear that the someday of refinishing was now.

  • Walking and Waiting

    Last spring Goblin sat on a mooring ball waiting for her masts to be reinstalled while I cursed, packed, and purged to burn off my impatience.

  • School Year

    In the fall, I “did school” with Owen each day. We sat down to work through a chapter of math, a page or two of handwriting, and a little bit of written language. Then we got busier with homeschool park days and museum visits, as well as multi-hour library visits and our dedicated morning time became more erratic. One day we realized it had been at least a week since he had sat down to formal school, and neither of us was longing to return to it.

  • Just A Little Different

    I forget, often, how so many things in our life are just a little different living on a boat than they were living on land. Take making dinner one night last week.

  • Projects

    We’re solidly in project mode, trying to fit in all our goals before summer sailing season arrives.

  • Springtime

    The air is warming.

  • A Ladder for Kinsley

    One of Kinsley’s Christmas gifts from Alex and I was a set of three boards and the promise of a project. Up until now,I have boosted Kinsley in and out of her room and although she’s a feather weight, I wanted to give her more independence. The time had come to build her a ladder.

  • Shrinkwrap Art

    Our boat will only be a greenhouse for another couple of weeks. We celebrated its impending demise with a collection of Sharpies. I turned Kinsley and Owen loose over a couple of days to decorate to their heart’s content and they certainly did.

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