• Projects

    We’re solidly in project mode, trying to fit in all our goals before summer sailing season arrives.

  • Springtime

    The air is warming.

  • A Ladder for Kinsley

    One of Kinsley’s Christmas gifts from Alex and I was a set of three boards and the promise of a project. Up until now,I have boosted Kinsley in and out of her room and although she’s a feather weight, I wanted to give her more independence. The time had come to build her a ladder.

  • Shrinkwrap Art

    Our boat will only be a greenhouse for another couple of weeks. We celebrated its impending demise with a collection of Sharpies. I turned Kinsley and Owen loose over a couple of days to decorate to their heart’s content and they certainly did.

  • Waiting and Dreaming

    No, we’re not sailing yet.

  • Mast Box Renovation

    The water stays on the outside of the boat, or at least that’s the theory. Unfortunately for us, downpours have been continuing to make their way into Goblin. Specifically, the area around the nice, decorative box that encloses the mast down below was getting wet. In an attempt to find out where the water was coming from, Alex removed one screw and promptly had to deal with nearly two gallons of water fountaining out into the salon. Clearly there was a problem. We have an in-mast mainsail furler, which rolls the mainsail up inside the mast. This means there is a long slot along the back of the mast where the sail goes in and out. Wind blown rain gets in there and the sail funnels even more in. Water is supposed to come down inside the mast itself, down to where the mast sits in the bilge, it isn’t supposed to spray everywhere.

  • Kinsley Books

    Both kids are book worms, which is more of a challenge for Kinsley than Owen when it comes to life and storage on a boat. Owen adds to his Kindle regularly but Kinsley, solidly in the picture book department, needs more physical books aboard. She’s a huge fan of Mercer Meyer and Richard Scarry, as well as anything involving boats, beaches, or seals. We visit the library often but have a collection on board as well.

  • Snow and Ice

    It took until February for the snow to arrive. We’ve had flurries, heavy slush, fluffy snow, freezing rain. The shrink wrap does well at keeping itself clear. Most of our wrapping is steep enough that, as the snow piles up, it just slides off. Two areas, above the door and across the boom over the cockpit, are less steep because we opted for more headroom. When the snow begins to pile up I put on mittens and head up to bounce the snow off the plastic from the inside.

  • Finding Friends

    I had my concerns, as we packed up our house and pulled Owen out of school, about how we would do making friends along our travels. My whole family makes friends deeply but slowly, not necessarily the best fit for a traveling family. We settled into the marina, got to know other kid boats, and had fun playground dates, but still spent a lot of time on our own.

  • Chilly Days

    That’s right, winter is cold around here. I work hard all summer to forget that fact. With the weather finally turning seasonable I’ve been working to adapt our daily rhythm to fit the season.