• Out With the Kids, Finally

    It took all summer but we finally managed to take the kids out into the harbor on Goblin. We were greatly delayed for a variety of reasons. I’d like to say it was all waiting on the insurance to finally come through, but that was only part of it. The other was the challenges that come with sailing your home.

  • Our Style

    Goblin is beautiful. I thought so from the first moment I saw pictures of her. I love her black masts and trim and now that her black dodger is up she has a very distinctive look. Inside she’s just as lovely. There’s so much beautifully maintained wood, walls and floor. It’s a little like living inside a tree.

  • I Live With Monkeys

    My kids climb. There are days when I’m fairly certain Owen has been upside down more than right side up. Kinsley spent a good portion of her infancy snuggled in baby carriers and must have grown used to the elevation. She’s been seeking out high places since she could move.

  • Local Wanderings, Constitution Museum

    Located barely a five minute walk down the sidewalk is a small stone building with gold lettering announcing itself as the Constitution Museum. We walked past it half a dozen times on our way to and from the ferry and playground without more than a glance. Then one day it was pouring and a boots and raincoat walk was in order so we wandered to the museum, just to have a destination. Two hours later I had to convince the kids to leave with the promise that we would return again soon. A weekend family trip the past weekend was a success and we still have more to explore.

  • Building a Bedroom, Phase 3

    A floor, a lee cloth, all Kinsley needed was a bed. It took longer than expected for her mattress foam to arrive but it was worth it.

  • Building a Bedroom, Phase 2

    Completing the platform for Kinsley’s bed was a good first step. Making her room kid safe was phase two. While I waited for the foam for her mattress to ship, I switched gears.

  • Building a Bedroom, Phase 1

    We bought Goblin as a two bedroom, two bathroom boat. This past weekend was the right time to start our first major renovation, converting the forward head into a room for Kinsley.

  • Local Wanderings, Science Museum

    Even before moving on board, I knew there were two places I wanted memberships to, the aquarium and the science museum. I wanted to be sure we had air conditioning to escape to in the summer and warmth and dry for the winter. The aquarium was such a hit, I decided to go ahead and try out our second choice as well.

  • Crew

    The crew page finally contains content. Enjoy.

  • Boat Projects, Pocket Pouch

    One of the things I am coming to love about Goblin is how much storage space she has. Deep compartments under the settee and kitchen counters, long boxy storage under the beds, small drawers and cabinets all over. One thing I’ve been missing though is a drop zone. I’m sure you have one, though you call it something else. It’s that place to toss keys, wallet, and glasses when you come in the door, as well as to pile the things you need to remember to grab when running out, the letters to put out in the mailbox, library card, that kind of thing. For me, kitchen counters have been my drop zone. I’ve tried tables by the door or making a habit of putting my bag down in the same place but I have consistently returned to the kitchen counter.

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