• Building a Bedroom, Phase 1

    We bought Goblin as a two bedroom, two bathroom boat. This past weekend was the right time to start our first major renovation, converting the forward head into a room for Kinsley.

  • Local Wanderings, Science Museum

    Even before moving on board, I knew there were two places I wanted memberships to, the aquarium and the science museum. I wanted to be sure we had air conditioning to escape to in the summer and warmth and dry for the winter. The aquarium was such a hit, I decided to go ahead and try out our second choice as well.

  • Crew

    The crew page finally contains content. Enjoy.

  • Boat Projects, Pocket Pouch

    One of the things I am coming to love about Goblin is how much storage space she has. Deep compartments under the settee and kitchen counters, long boxy storage under the beds, small drawers and cabinets all over. One thing I’ve been missing though is a drop zone. I’m sure you have one, though you call it something else. It’s that place to toss keys, wallet, and glasses when you come in the door, as well as to pile the things you need to remember to grab when running out, the letters to put out in the mailbox, library card, that kind of thing. For me, kitchen counters have been my drop zone. I’ve tried tables by the door or making a habit of putting my bag down in the same place but I have consistently returned to the kitchen counter.

  • Cats Afloat

    “What are you going to do about your cats?”

  • Local Wanderings, Getting Out There

    I am not a city girl.  Friends will talk about how there’s so much to do, great food, public transportation, variety. Yup, I’m still not a city girl. I love the woods, I love sending my kids out into the yard to play while I cook dinner. I love looking up at the stars, noting how loud the peeper frogs are at night, and waking up to the neighbor’s chickens. Not a city girl.

  • Local Wanderings, Aquarium Time

    We live on the water, we swim just about every day, we watch fish and crabs from our dock, but if you ask Kinsley what she wants to do for the day, she’s likely to request a trip to the aquarium. I’m not complaining at all, I bought our family a membership on our first visit and it has more than paid for itself in our first month here.

  • New Considerations

    You know that moment when you realize that you desperately need to make a trip to the grocery store? The refrigerator has katsup, olives, and half an inch of milk, the cereal box has two crushed tablespoons of stale flakes left, and your only produce is a bruised apple. You stop and think, should I head out now? You check the clock to make sure it’s not an hour before dinner. Maybe you check to make sure the traffic isn’t going to be too bad and that you’ll be able to make the necessary left turn to get home again.

  • Stashing our Stuff

    Four people, two cats, 42 feet of boat, maybe 350 square feet of living space. Before moving aboard we comfortably filled a four bedroom house. We dumped, donated, and gave away possessions, we put some treasured favorites in storage, and looked at the pile of goods we felt we needed. Then we did it again. And again. Still too much stuff. It’s a good thing Goblin has so much storage space, though learning to use it well is going to take us some time.

  • Settling In

    Our move is complete, at long long last. Nothing like a series of last minute complications to add unnecessary stress to an already anxiety producing time. By Wednesday afternoon we were fully and completely out of the Shirley house. This was delayed with last minute well water treatments and hours of vandalism trash clean up, but still, it happened. Huge thanks to Alysa for entertaining the kids, shoveling trash, and equipping us with a vandal deterrent vehicle. There is no way we would have made it out without her help.