• But Will They Sleep?

    Despite the list of projects that need time and attention before we can call Goblin our home full time, I want the kids to get used to her as much as possible before our official move in day. I’m planning as many overnights as possible over the next couple of weeks to get all of us used to the neighborhood, the boat, and the challenges of living on the water with two kids.

  • First Sail

    Sunday was, at long long last, sailing day. The past two weeks have been crazy with the end of the school year, a friend’s wedding, final rigging work and re stepping the masts. Add to that tossing together everything we might possibly need for a first sail. Keep in mind, we bought this boat with it on the hard and right after she hit the water we pulled her masts out. We’ve owned Goblin for eight months and our first time sailing her would be a full day trip from Catamut to Boston.

  • The Waiting Game

    Alex and I have a long held mantra, everything always works out in the end, just not according to our plan. This is holding true with Goblin as well.

  • Storage

    When we first walked through Goblin, one of our big concerns was storage. Would we be able to fit our world into this little boat. How the heck would we store all our clothing? We just redid the kitchen in our house, how in the world could we shrink down to the tiny galley? Four people, books, clothes, hobbies, food, tools…

  • Making Progress

    With Goblin floating in the Atlantic, Alex and I are more motivated than ever to get everything crossed off our lists. Alex is working through a long list of projects to make Goblin into a safe, effective vehicle for our adventures. I’m building my long list of projects to make Goblin into our home. He crosses off servicing winches and checking chain plates, I stare at storage and bedding. We’re coming at Goblin from two very different angles which makes for interesting discussions of what to prioritize.

  • Splash!

    We just found out this morning that the boatyard launched Goblin today!  She’s hanging out on a mooring without us.  Now, if only they would splash their launch as well so we could get to Goblin.  Guess we are bringing down a kayak next time.  Alex needs to add a coat of bottom paint to Wren, the wooden sail/row boat he built a couple of years ago.  Once that’s done we can at least row to Goblin until the launch is running.

  • Looking for Home

    We took time this past week to visit the final contenders for marinas. Come spring, we will get a call that Goblin is going into the water. When the call comes we need to be ready to drop everything and move her to her summer home. Our summer home. Our new home, eek!

  • To Do List

    First you make a list, then another list, and next thing you know you have a list of your lists.

  • Kid Visit

    Despite many, many delays, we got the kids to Catamut for their first visit to Goblin. Climbing a ladder with an almost two year old strapped to your back is entertaining, though nerve wracking. Kins was a good sport about it. Good thing Owen is old enough to climb on his own.

  • Too Much Stuff

    It’s ridiculous how much stuff one house can accumulate. I’m blaming the house, it’s easier than admitting that 12+ years of 2 packrats and 2 kids living in the same place have expanded to fill every bit of the available space. New furniture comes in and the old never seems to go out. It just makes its way into less and less visible areas of the house. Hobbies are started, grow, and we’re sure will one day be returned to. Projects are completed and leftovers are saved “just in case.” One way or another, things pile up.